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Simple Prayer Sandwich

It's easy to make a Prayer Sandwich, all you need to do is P-A-T...

... Praise (shevach)Ask (bakashah), and Thank (hoda’ah)

1. PRAISE (or bless). Praise God for His character and/or attributes.  Agree with the reality of who God is. Proclaim your belief  in His ability to do His will.
“Father I praise you that you are ________ ."

2. ASK (or petition). Then make your request. Petition (or supplication) can be personal or intercessory.

Devotional prayer is asking God to help you grow in your capacity to know and love Him, asking for wisdom, guidance, healing or some kind of intervention.
"Lord, help me with __________."
Intercessory prayer is intervening for the needs of others. You ask for God’s promises to be fulfilled, for his kingdom purposes to be accomplished.
"Lord, help _______ (name of person/s)  with _______."

3. THANK (or bless) God for his answer. He is ready, willing and able to answer. Revelations 8:3-5  describes the prayers of the saints as incense lifted up to heaven, and returned as answered prayer. What goes up , must come down.
"Thank you God for ________ . 
I trust you. Amen."
(This prayer structure is loosely based on the Hebrew amidah.)



One-Hour Prayer Wheel

Follow this simple wheel to help you pray. If you spend only 5 minutes on each section you will have prayed for one hour!

  1. prayer-wheel2


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